Lauren Ann Paul

I create because I'm happiest when my hands are busy. I enjoy seeing a vision become a tangible object. I am inspired by nature, specifically the landscapes near Lake Michigan. I enjoy the energy that can be created from mixing color and pattern. I think it's important to love the things with which you surround yourself. I strive to make things that are both useful and easy to love. 


A Kewaunee native, I grew up in the country and learned to entertain myself. My mother taught me to crochet at a young age. On regular trips to Lake Michigan I would find so many beautiful rocks they would fill my pockets and socks as well. My socks never returned to their original size! The colors and natural patterns on the stones will inspire me. My interest in patterns and color grew into a passion, which led to degrees in textiles, surface and apparel design from the University of Wisconsin and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I moved back to Wisconsin for love. I'm happy to be living in the state I love, making things I love.